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Welcome to the Travel Yogyakarta, we are ready to help and deliver to your destination. Now you are confused and do not need to bother anymore about when the vehicle wants to travel. Yogyakarta Travel offers various tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, also provides information on typical food of Yogyakarta. Not only that, here too there's an interesting course around Yogyakarta.

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Yogyakarta Rent Car Service

VALENTINA TRANSPORT ready to take you to any destination in Yogyakarta. You can choose different types of cars available to suit your needs.

VALENTINA TRANSPORT Rates (car + driver) / day
Car type In town Out town
Daihatsu Xenia Rp 400.000,00 Rp 550.000,00
Suzuki APV Rp 400.000,00 Rp 550.000,00
Toyota Avanza Rp 400.000,00 Rp 550.000,00
Hyundai Pregio Rp 600.000,00 Rp 750.000,00
Kia Travello Rp 600.000,00 Rp 750.000,00
Toyota Inova Rp 600.000,00 Rp 750.000,00
Izusu ELF Shot ( 10 person ) Rp 650.000,00 Rp 800.000,00
Izusu ELF Long ( 13 person ) Rp 850.000,00 Rp 1.000.000,00

Yogyakarta News and Event

Masangin Games

The game was there every day in the plaza south (south) from Keraton Yogyakarta 19:00 am - finish. For this game free of charge, except that there was a close eye rental service with affordable rents. Try walking with your eyes closed to enter the space between two banyan trees ...
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Ramayana Ballet Performances

This show's on every night starting at 20:00 to 21:30, held at Purawisata Jl.Brigjen Katamso. In this show presented cultural performances, ballet. Ramayana Ballet is the performing arts, beautiful, fascinating and difficult unrivaled. The show was to unite various Javanese arts such as dance, drama, and music. Ticket prices for ...
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Gudeg is the typical food of Yogyakarta and Central Java which is made from young jackfruit cooked in coconut milk. It took me hours to make this dish. Normally produced by the brown color of teak leaves are cooked simultaneously. Jackfruit and eaten with rice and served with thick ...
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